Sean & Lori Hobbs

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Sean was born in Carrolton, GA. When he was 9 years old, he was already deep into having fun with cars and tools. His father, Johnnie, also a car-lover and member of the SSA's, bought a welder and soon taught Sean how to use it. By age 14, between school and self-teaching, Sean was adept at the metal working trade. He also knew he had little interest in sports or other endeavors that took him away from working on, repairing and restoring cars. After high school, Sean attended Carrol Tech, where he learned even more about body work techniques and machinery, and later became a full-time machinist with a power company. Sean and is wife Lori were married in 1997, and have two boys, Caleb and Luke. Lori works at the University of West Georgia in the Budget Administration Dept. Although she is not as much into Sean and the boy's interests in resurrecting "rescued treasures," she has enjoyed recent tours with the Southside A's, with Caleb and Luke joyfully riding along in the back seat. Sean is currently an electrician and his spare time is devoted to his cars, a 1985 Mustang, and a 50% ownership in a 1931 Roadster and a hybrid Model A truck. His interest in Model A's began when father, John, bought an AA truck in 2004. Since then, his interest has never waned. Sean found out about the Southside A's when he met Mike Shotwell at a Bentley's Antique Auto Open House. Both he and his father had been looking for a resource to have fun with their cars. "We surely found it," said Sean.

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1930 Roadster 

1930 Roadster