Phil & Kathie Meyers

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Phil and Kathie were born and raised in Southern California, Phil in Anaheim and Kathie in Costa Mesa. They first met at the Disneyland Grand Hotel 1966, and later at a car show in Long Beach, CA. They were married soon after. Phil's interest in mechanical objects began at age ten when he took apart a clock and became fascinated with the workings. His father, though not mechanically inclined, was supportive of his interests. Those were the days of The Beach Boys, James Dean, Elvis, Jan and Dean, Dick Dale and the Deltones, the Righteous Brothers, the surfing craze, cruising, drag races and the cool California lifestyle. In essence, both Phil and Kathie were immersed in the culture of "American Graffiti." Kathie drove an Austin Healy and Phil raced a high performance Camaro at Lyons drag strip in Long Beach, CA. A breakdown brought his racing career to a close. Phil worked in the grocery business from high school until the end of the sixties and Kathie worked as a real estate escrow and trustee sale officer for a mortgage company, and as a real estate paralegal for 20 years, retiring in 2002. Both are avid members of the Dogwood Baptist Church. In 1998, their friend Jack Miller loaned Phil and Kathie a Simplex to drive in their first Social Security Run. Instantly, they were hooked. Shortly after, they purchased a 1930 Briggs Town Sedan, proceeded with restoration, and since have driven "Hazel Rae" about 16,000 miles around town and on tours. In 2010, in a tribute to their nostalgic past, Phil and Kathie purchased a classic, thorn-brown Model A roadster (street rod) with a '51 Ford flathead engine. They look forward to many years of pleasure with the SSA's and all of their "old car" friends.

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1930 Fordor Sedan