Steve & Barbara Searock

C 770-301-3939

Steve was born in SoCal, and raised in S. Florida. He retired from Delta Airlines in 2012, after a nearly 33 year career as a machinist in engine/landing gear maintenance.

Barbara has lived all over the country including, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, California, Colorado, and finally, Georgia. She has been an RN for the past 31 years, specializing in cancer treatment and care.

Our Model A's name is Lilly, and she is a 1929 Roadster. We inherited Lilly when Steve's uncle passed away in 2015. Lilly is a Searock heirloom of sorts, and we have become her current curator. She'll be passed on to my cousin or his son. Lilly originally came into the family several years ago when my cousins father in law bought her. When he became ill, Lilly was stored in a hangar in Sacramento, Ca. When my cousin's father in law passed, my cousin inherited the car, but he didn't have anywhere to keep it, so his dad, my uncle, who lives in Burbank, Ca, took it, and restored her. He then presented it to his brother, my other uncle, in Oklahoma City, who was a retired Lieutenant General in the, Air Force. When he passed, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to take Lilly in.

Barbara and I are so happy to have found the Southside A's. We do so much enjoy the excursions we have been on with the Club. We also enjoy the company of the other members, and Steve especially appreciates all the help and advice he is receiving from the members, as this is a new hobby for us.

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