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General Wiring Condition Cooling System
Head Lights – Low/High Beams Radiator and Cap (seal)
Parking/ Cowl Lights Hoses and Clamps
Tail Lights Fan Belt and Tension
Brake Lights Fan and Pulley
Turn Signal Lights - Optional Water Pump – Lube old Style
Horn - Lube
Starter and Safety Fuse (30 Amp) Steering
Battery Connections, Ground Cable Steering Wheel Free Play (1-1 ½”)
Battery Water Level Wheel Bearings (tight and lubed)
Amp meter – Charging King Pins (loose ?)
Generator/Alternator Charging Check Tie Rod/Drag Link Ends
Ignition Switch Torque All Wheel Lugs – 55 ft. lb.
Plugs and Wires (check gap .035) Fill Gear Box (600W lube)
Coil and Connections
Distributor Tightened Correctly Fuel
Lube Distributor Bushings/Cam Drain and Clean Sediment Bowl
Check Points Gap (.018 - .022) Check System for Leaks
Wipe out Light Switch Housing Clean Air Filter - Optional
Brakes Miscellaneous
Inspect All Brake System Test Windshield Wiper
Adjust Service Brakes Check Wiper Blade
Check Parking Brake Check Tires for Cracks
  Check for Exhaust Leaks

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